Fashioncentric’s Hi5! Hunt – Part 4

Wow – can you believe the Fashioncentric Hi5 Hunt starts today? I have some more hunt prize previews from various designers coming up! Click on the pictures so you can see it bigger.

When I put this outfit from PurpleMoon on , the first thing that struck me were the lovely warm  colors. I wouldn’t say that orange and yellow were my favorite colors or color combination, but this definitely works. Poulet Koenkamp made the cutest rose tiara to match Di Bodysuit, and it is included as part of the outfit.

This dress from Cero Style by Osterhase Yellowjacket has translucent layers, with a bit of color when the light hits it. It has a light and airy feel to it despite it being full length.  The long flowing sleeves reminds me of  pretty fairy wings that I saw once in a store.

In this set I have 3 things to show you. The skin that I am wearing is Melanie from Diamond Avatar, created by Cristal Triellis.  I think this is a nice shade for those that favor the darker skin colors. The purple dress (including bangles)  is from Paris Metro (designed by rfb morpork) – great for a fun night out on the town. For some reason, with the right accessories, this dress would be good for an 80’s theme. The boots come from !Drakke! by Mandrakke Dagger. They have both women and men version of boots, so everyone gets to share in the fun ^^

Rebel Hope has a pink gown as their  hunt gift. I like how it looks soft to the touch, and silky too!

And last, but definitely not least, 4 items to show you here. The black Luna babydoll is from La Petite Coquette, skin is from Dulce Secrets (by AnneAlyce Maertens) , jewelry is from Stars! (by Stargem Winkler), and shoes is from Shelly’s Bootylicious Gear ( by Shelly LeMay).

That’s all the previews for me! But if you are anything like me and want to see ALL the things that this hunt has to offer, I will link to a few blogs that I know have been showing the items as well.

Happy Hunting!


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