Monica at Fashion for Life

I realize that I’m late in talking about this, because Fashion for Life will be over on the 20th – yikes! But first, what is Fashion for Life?

After doing some research, it’s hard to talk about Fashion for Life without explaining its bigger picture, Relay for Life. Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s  fundraising activity, which offers people a chance to raise money for fighting cancer by doing a walk  a -thon. Second Life is unique in that various groups start fundraising as early as mid-March, all the way until mid-July. Then they too do a walk-a-thon around a set path, just like in real life (source). Fashion for Life, according to the website, is the fashion community’s way of contributing to the Relay for Life effort. For 10 days, people will have the chance to visit 10 sims ( 9 for shopping, 1 for entertainment) and see what lovely creations designers came up with according to the theme…

It’s Time….

This first creation comes from Tres Beau, called “Red Carpet” Royal. The lovely gown is one of the items Kimmera Madison chose to have all proceeds go to charity, via the FFL vendor.  I will admit that I do not own many items from this store, but when I saw the dress in a rich blue hue covered in lace, who could resist?

The second store I would like to share with you is called BoHo HoBo (I keep writing it “Hobo Boho – haha), created by Trill Zapatero.  My friend Mezzo told me about this store last year, and although it intrigued me, I never went to visit the store.  I was glad that I got a chance to stop by at this event.  According to the notecard that’s included with any purchase, “All proceeds from BoHo HoBo and Meena go to RAWA (the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan)”, which is cool – a store that’s  exclusively for charity.

What really caught my eye is this Crushed Velvet coat – the colors are colorful, but not overwhelming. I paired it with G *Field ‘s Long Cuff Boots “Will” in sepia (a FFL vendor), a racerback tank in grape (also from BoHo HoBo), and my old Zaara jeans.

I bought other items too, but I don’t think I can show you right now 😦 Maybe they will show up in another post, but we will see  ^^


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