52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Avocado, Aquamarine, and St. Patrick’s Blue

Wow – double digits, huh? I know you guys miss my posts, but I have been busy lately. So, I decided to go for a hat trick and do 3 colors at once…ANNND…feature one store (because I got all 3 items from there…yay!)

All 3 of these outfits come from paper.doll. I remember in my earlier years of SL, I used to love paper.doll’s short dresses, and looked forward to getting free group gifts via the subscribo. Then I think last year she changed membership to a paid VIP group, and I did not visit as much because by then there were so many stores I found out about, it was hard to keep up with them all.

This weekend there is a sale on all green items for St Paddy’s Day (yes I said Paddy, and not Patty – Plurk shamed me into making sure I write Paddy lol) – I believe 60% off the original price. So I got this cool shirt for less – Bambi in Pine. I thought the Sea Maiden pendant from Chop Zuey and Gabriel hair from Truth would go nicely with this sort of look. Can you believe i had forgotten about this hair – I love long ponytails with bangs ^^ It’s an old hair too…

I went back and got this dress because even though it’s not quite the color of aquamarine the swatch had, it does match the gemstone color. So there! Jess in Aqua looks quick lovely, and it’s simple enough for you to be comfortable and at ease.

Phew! With this Cozy shirt in Navy (and the StraightLeg Demin in DarkWash, I am officially caught up with the Color Challenge. And I even know what I’m blogging next week for Tea Green 🙂

See you next time!


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