Donna Flora A to Z – Brocade

Donna Flora – a store that many people are familiar with for its beautiful jewelry and vintage clothing. But surprisingly,  this was a store that I never got a chance to visit until came up with a way we could support Squinternet Larnia (the owner) in her time of need. Being that someone very dear to me passed away last year because of cancer, it makes me happy to see that she is going through treatment and doing what needs to be done so she can still be here.

As I was looking around the store (and there is a LOT to look at!), this dress just jumped at me – I love gold, and  this silky dress has plenty of golden tones in the fabric. Here’s another reason why I chose this dress…wait for it…

Look at the jeweled strap on the dress – that’s something you don’t see every day. The earrings came with the outfit, and I decided to wear my turquoise ring that I got at the store at the same time.

Well, looks like I have a new store to add to my shopping list ^^ Talk with you soon 🙂

Styling Credits

Outfit & Earrings: Donna Flora: BROCADE
Shoes: *GF* Flower Pumps “Eve” (gold)
Hair: Donna Flora: CATERINE (brunette)
Ring: Donna Flora: FLORA ring turquoise

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