12 Days of Lingerie: Day 10: Zebra Heart

On the way to the kitchen (yes I get the midnight munchies sometimes), I decided to stop and play a few notes on the piano. I had gotten it from LISP at Collabor88 last month, yet I never really play it.  I think Fur Elise and Moonlight Sonata were two of my favorite songs to play as a child. Granted, I couldn’t play long complicated versions of it, just the watered down versions of it *smiles* But it always brought a smile to my face whenever I heard it played.

Oh right…I was supposed to talk about the lingerie of the day today, right?  Last year around this time I had bought a bunch of Zebra Heart panties from Hucci because I couldn’t decide on what color to get. I don’t remember if these had bras too, but I just wanted the cute undies 🙂 I put on a pair of  turquoise Sense 2 stiletto heels from N-Core to match – I think the 2 together look awesome. The hair is an old hair from Magika…I didn’t see the hair on marketplace and I doubt it’s in the store anymore. But I encourage you to go check it out to see if they have anything similar (if not better!) than this hair. The washed out tank is from MichaMi  – such a nice shade of turquoise I think.


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