12 Days of Lingerie: Day 9: Morigan

Today’s lingerie is called Holiday Morigan in Green by Carrie’s Lingerie.  I decided on green because I realized that I don’t own many items in green, and this piece is exquisite.  It comes with a lace up corset with sleeves, a cute garter, and stockings.

I got this lingerie at the end of December because the store had just moved to its own sim. As I walked around the store, I was happy for her because I remember the early days when she first started the shop. I think Carrie had like 2 dozen outfits when JB and I first went there. There used to be 100L gift cards on the Midnight Mania board every day, so I was always visiting her shop. Thanks to Carrie, I have met several friends while waiting for the Mini Mania board, or hunting for items in the store. With as much lingerie as she has, I wonder why more people don’t mention her store when people ask about their favorite lingerie.

Before I close this out, I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Diamond’s birthday – can’t believe she is a year old now ^^ When she was still little I used to take her everywhere with me…my friend started to say hi to both me and her. She seemed to like watching me try on outfits and stuff, but because of the bug KittyCatS had where if you detached the cat, it would go below the root inventory folder, I decided it wasn’t a good idea anymore.

See you next time!
Styling Credits
Outfit: CB~Holiday Morigan (Green)
Hair: .: vive nine :. Wild Wild! in Brunne
Nails: Candy Nail #PS004 Stardust Platinum 


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