12 Days of Lingerie: Day 8: Kylei

Welcome to Day 8 of the 12 days of Lingerie challenge! I decided to go a bit old school, with this old PJ set I got from WoE. If I had the lindens back then, I probably would had gotten this in another color or 2. The hair is from Glam Affair called Aida – I remember when I got the hair in blonde, everyone wanted to know where I got it from. I haven’t been able to find a replacement that works quite as well. If anyone knows any store that sells long pulled back ponys that are flexi, let me know, okay? Since I’m not sure where WoE went so I can link it (did yet another store close and I not know about it?), I’ll take this time to write about stuff 🙂

Last night I went to Model’s Workshop, and the topic was how to write a blog in SL. That made me re-read my blog, and I miss how I used to write about things. Fashion is great and all, but if you can’t write how you feel, then what’s the point? Hmm…let’s compromise. I can tell you a story in my PJs, and you can listen ^^

The story I want to tell you about is how I got started in modeling. It was a month after I started Second Life when I thought to myself, “Hmm..I wonder if they have modeling in SL.” I looked it up, and they had a lot of places that did modeling. I don’t remember exactly how I found this place…maybe through the models looking for work. All I remember, is when I went to get my free profile picture I met the most beautiful woman that I had seen so far in SL. Her name was Destiny Kenyon, and she ran Couture Sophisticate Modeling. She stood perfectly still, and she had on a form-fitting pink gown. I wanted to tell her how pretty she looked, and where did she get her dress, but I felt too shy to ask her. I had already gone to the school’s graduation to see what it was like, and the models looked lovely on stage. But to see one up close…wow. Unfortunately, the school closed before it started, but at least we got back our 500L (hey I thought that was a lot at that time – first time I had to buy Lindens!). After that happened, it took me a while before I went to a school. I talk about it in my blog, so if you’re interested, take a peek 🙂

What took me so long to pursue modeling, you ask? Well I did enter a few photo contests and the like, but because of my slow computer, I was afraid of crashing or not being able to rez fast enough for people. When I finally did get my new computer, I realized that I needed to change my thinking.  According to Dea Mills (a well known model who retired and then left SL),

“The sooner you stop trying to be a model and hoping to be a model, and you start saying to yourself and believing you ARE a model, the sooner you’ll gain that certain “it” quality that all pros have….If a model works as a receptionist in a company and on the weekends they do a little modeling, they don’t say: “I’m a receptionist and I model part time on weekends.” They say, “I’m a professional fashion model and I help out as a receptionist.” In their mind, they are not still trying to make it as a model; they already have. Now, it’s just a matter of climbing higher to become a top model. ”

Once I stopped saying I “wanted” to be a model, or “an up-and-coming” model, and just said, “model”, things started to happen for me. Doors of opportunity began to reveal themselves, and I chose which door I wanted to walk through. That’s why I don’t get it when people say, “X is a model” or “Y isn’t a REAL” model or “Z isn’t a certified model, so Z isn’t a model”.  You are a model when you decide that you are – all the training in the world won’t make you one if you don’t already believe it yourself.

I have more to say on this, but I think I will leave it for another post 🙂


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