12 Days of Lingerie – Day 7: Boo

Just me and my Boo….as I lounge in this soft plush chair…giggles 

Welcome to day 7 of the 12 Days of Lingerie Challenge started by Gogo. Today I am wearing Boo – a purple velvet corset w/ bordello skirt made by Blacklace.  All I need is a fan, boa or something like that to swing around as I dance and I’ll be set to go.

LostAngeL Industries makes very good furniture for taking sexy and demure photos. I actually have the Music Lounger on my wish list ^^ I remember I took a photo of myself on it at the store – that was during the time when I couldn’t rez my clothing for anything (on the Snowglobe viewer in ’10). Even though it rezzed items a heck of a lot faster than the Linden Labs viewer (which in turn was faster than the super laggy Emerald – yuck), I had to resort to wearing prim clothing if I couldn’t get JB to okay my outfit.

Now I have the song “Big Spender” stuck in my head. Here you go – now it can be stuck in your head too :p


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