Knock Out Your Workout

This weekend I received a package in the mail from AlexandraM Guisse (of Alexohol Fashions). When I opened it, I saw that it was a binge pack of  her latest creation – Knock Out Yoga Pants. They came just in time, because I was checking out different SL gyms to find a nice place to work out.

Today I decided to visit Virtual Gym Center to see what they had. The locker room seemed clean, so I did some warm up stretching.

When I got onto the floor, I noticed that they didn’t have any machines…just a bunch of mats for people to do various exercises. At first I thought it was boring, but then again, using your own body weight to get yourself toned can be quite effective.


I actually don’t mind crunches…I think it’s because I use my core a lot when I dance ^^ But I dislike lunges and squats, and HAAAAATE push ups 😦 I tried doing a one-armed push up and landed promptly on my face.

The next couple of exercises worked my core muscles, namely hip thrusts and leg extensions (I actually felt the second one after several reps!).


Lastly, I tried to remember some yoga moves that my friend showed me…not bad.  I really liked the seal pose (one in the middle).

Phew! I am tired! Time to hit the shower and get ready for a well-deserved night out….margaritas, anyone?

Styling Credits

Pants: Alexohol – Knock Out Yoga Pants-Purple *
Shirt: Alexohol – Unbuttoned Tank – Black
Shoes: Store is no more…these are old! I hardly wear sneakers! But these are by alana Velinov – I think she has a store called Urban Girl now.

* denotes promotional copy


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