Girls’ Night out @ SL Chippendales


I decided to have a girls’ night out with my female friends. I had wanted to go to SL Chippendales for a while, but the timing was never right.  After sending out a bunch of invites, I got all dressed up for an evening of fun.


Nope – this isn’t my kitchen 🙂 Before we went out, I decided to have a look at some skyboxes to see what I liked. I forget what skybox this was, but the one I got  is a great steal for only 99L. The sale will be over soon, so hurry!

Now let’s see…what do I have on? I am wearing hair from CaTwA called Necole in Mahogany.  I loved their Honey color too, but the rest of the color pack did not look good with my coloring. CaTwA actually has free hair in their subscribo (so does Exile), so you may want to get that as well. The outfit is one of Meghindo‘s creations. It has sleeves too but I opted not to wear them for this night. The jewelry is from Chop Zuey – Candlelight necklace and The Eccentric Samurai bracelets from the 12 Days of Christmas gifts (no longer available, but join the group to get weekly free gifts!). The nails are from Candy Nail – Japanese Soul in gold, and the shoes are from N-core – Soul Xtreme Heel in Caramel.

So after we get there, the guys come out dressed in suits, and start dancing on stage. Soon after they came onto the dance floor and started dancing with the guests.

The next 2 segments I think were theme based – this one had a winter theme. I loved this outfit (both on and off ^^)

I thought this was cute – a wearable couch. And this was the first time I actually saw in world one of these Bloom Dolls.

The next theme was Cowboys…were they wearing shirts? I think so but things tend to get a bit hazy..hehe. The dancers gave the guests flowers and other small tokens of appreciation throughout the night.

They guys went backstage and came back out for one final dance. I think this is the first time I have seen such buff bodies that are able to actually be capable of having conversation. I think we have all seen those muscular types in SL that can barely speak one complete sentence. It was indeed a pleasure to watch…



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