My Rez Day!

Note: Lots of pictures ahead! Sorry I did not put this up sooner – have not been feeling the greatest this past week.

How do you celebrate your rez day? Last year when I turned 1, I didn’t have much of a celebration because there was a lot of things going on with me in real life. So I was determined to make my 2nd year a blast.

First of all, I got presents from Insolence and Morantique ^^ The present from Morantique failed to deliver, so the designer personally delivered to me the necklace (and earrings to boot!) . Maybe I will show off what I got as part of another post.

Al wanted to show me his yacht, so we went out on the water. When we went for a swim, he got me a swimmer’s HUD because he didn’t like the animations that my AO had.

That’s me cannon-balling into the water. Yes, I know I’m weird for wearing stilettos in the water…sigh. Al then took me to Waterworks because he wanted me to see the water slides and other water toys ^^

We took a break and relaxed in the water. Al was playing with my legs and I splashed him…good thing I had taken off my shoes by then or someone would had gotten hurt…

Al said there was a secret entrance beyond the waterfall, so of course we went to check it out. The decor definitely had an Indian flair to it, with nice soft cushions to sit on and the vibrant colors used for the decorations. Soon after Al had to go, so I went back home to regroup.

I hadn’t been clubbing in a while, so luckily when my friend Aldor wanted to go out, I already had a place in mind. The Galaxy club was packed as always, and we had a good time dancing until he got kicked out of the club for reasons unknown. I hate it when people don’t tell you why they eject you from places. Common courtesy is supposed to be a warning before ejection. He quickly found another place to party (but didn’t invite me – pfft) so I stayed for the duration of the contest…I think they were already an hour in when we arrived.

I remember I recently got ejected from a resort because I went afk while logged into a tip jar. Now mind you that 1. it was just for fun – wasn’t like I was a dancer at a club, 2. I was there for a whole hour and no one was paying attention to me, nor did I really care because I was having fun freestyle dancing, and  3. There were other tip jars next to me that were empty so it’s not like other people were scrambling for a spot. So I come back from checking on dinner (not even 20 mins) and I saw someone had used Mysti Tools HUD (NOT the land access menu). to eject me. I asked the person did she work there and she said actually she was an admin. Hmm…I find it weird she did not identify herself as such, nor was it in her profile that she was an admin. When you eject someone using land access, they just go to the next parcel, but the HUD sent me all the way back home. Also, according to a recent conversation that I participated in the Fab Free group, a person could use the HUD to eject people, even if they did not own the land. A person in the chat had a griefer on her property, but she could not get him out because she didn’t have land rights (she was renting the land). I got a bad vibe from that whole interaction and decided to mute her and delete the landmark from my inventory. But I digress….back to the partying!

My last stop for the night was at Ambrosia. As far as I know, it’s strictly a place to dance and have fun, with no contests. Maybe they have it for special events, but I have never seen one when I go there.

The only thing that would had made this day better is if my best friend was able to celebrate with me. Unfortunately she was having computer problems and couldn’t get on. So on the 29th, 3 days after my rez day had passed, she said if I had time, I could come with her to a location.

My friend had rented a place for a week just to set up a winter wonderland for me ^^ She had presents too, but for some reason I could not take them into my inventory, so she had to hand them to me.  I wish we could have had a party – felt like it was too nice of a gesture to not see it fulfilled.

I truly feel blessed to have good friends. Next year I will try harder to cultivate new friendships, and nurture the ones I already have.


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