Sunshine Designs – Monica

I have a treat for you guys today! My friend Shawna Littleboots gave me an awesome Christmas prezzie ^^ She made a dress and named it after me – isn’t that cool?

It has a white fur collar, and long gloves with fur trim. I loved the pattern on the bodice, and decided to complement the outfit with some earrings from Aglaia – Diamond Tear Drop earrings.

The hair with the white bow also came with the dress, which I thought was pretty cool. In this photo you can see I chose a ring, also from Aglaia.  This Pathway ring has both black and pink with it, so it compliments my hair and makeup well I think. I am not sure why Aglaia has not met with much success – I have always been a quiet fan of her jewelery…had picked up quite a bit of it when it was on sale.

The Monica dress from Sunshine Designs also comes with lace pants and a long train. The skirt is indeed a system skirt, so make sure you have a nice dress shape so you don’t get those poofy hips and derriere ^^ I wore my baby T Snow shoes from Pixel Mode , which is a good thing because I don’t get to wear them often. I have a few more photos on my flickr, so if you want to see more, just visit the link somewhere on my page 🙂

I just realized that you may not be able to see the ring that I am wearing, so took a close up picture of it:

And no, I didn’t change my clothing just to match the ring…I just happened to be wearing purple hehe 🙂

Thanks for the gift, Shawna! Now, everyone go and visit her store…there is something for everyone I am sure of it ^^


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