When I got this year’s gift from Eboni, I was excited to see it. I had heard on Plurk that it was a custom-made skybox, so I went to a sandbox to open it up. Something went wonky with Firestorm and the skybox would not rez 😦 Disappointed, I went back home and went to sleep.

Wearing: Hucci Cucci Rawr, Detour Storm B (dark brown)

When I opened my eyes, I was on stage, looking out to a group of people. I was singing (I can sing??), and the people really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Still puzzled, I decided to just go with it!

Wearing: Hucci P Dot Dress (Woodbine), N-CoreSense XtremeHeel, Vive ninePoland Highlander bun in Brunne, Zaara Anajami Chandelier earrings (gold)

One girl was really shaking her groove thang in the back. I wish I had her moves…

Wearing: Hucci Sasha leather – champagne, SLink Whitney boots, Kyoot Wynter Platinum (cream hat), Candy NailsWhite Choco, M.O.C.K.Borealis Night shadow, Pink FuelJuicy gloss (petal),Al Vulo! – nilplez*  ophelia dream milk

There was a girl watching me sing – I kept sneaking little looks in her direction because I was trying to figure out where she got her dress and jewelry from. I LOVE the color blue, by the way.

Wearing: HucciJulessa Dress (A) (Blue print), Chop ZueyDark Blu World ring, Candy Nails Birthstone December(Turquoise), Lamb Addict Honeycomb (roots)

Meanwhile, the bartender was serving up drinks. At one point she took a break and sat on the bartop. Did I see a shot glass in her hand? Must be the glare from the lights on stage 😀

Wearing: HucciKarrine Argyle Dress – Brown, Fur bomb (Honey Yellow), Basic tights sheer (black)SLinkWhitney BootsExile Jeanne Roots (Rust mix), PurpleMoonFeather earrings (gold), Etnia bangles (gold), Candy NailJapanese Soul (gold), Pink FuelElly Maple (Angelic dark brow), Glam lipstick (smoked plum), Doll Gloss (plurple)

Wow! Even a model came to my show ^^ How can I tell she’s a model? Well look at her – she looks pretty much runway ready with that hair, perfectly matched accessories, and the poised attitude she has. I want to be a model too…

Wearing: HucciIvana Dress (Wild Pink)Pink FuelJuicy gloss (strawberry),  M.O.C.K.Raspberry hot cocoa twilight, Candy NailCamellia, LaGyoTarget brooch, Morantique LushMoria Chandelier earrings, Tukinowaguma Eight Rose Brown

I wonder what’s with that girl over there – she looks like she wants to fight someone…did someone throw a drink at her face or something?

Wearing: Hucci – Denim Skinny (Ice wash), Leash your man shirt, N-Core – Caprice (Pourpre), *Latte* – Fur short jacket(Purple), *N@N@*– Amethyst earrings, Candy Nail – Birth Stone Amethyst February, LollipopZ – Glam( Black), [ glow ] studio – KOS Bag GOLD, [Armidi Gisaci] – Fi Umo Sunglasses – Dark Turtoise / Black Lens

Oh! I think my number is over…the host came on stage and congratulated me. And everyone is clapping – wait am I blushing?

The details get fuzzy as I start to wake up…something about an after party in a limo, and then jet skiing in Costa Rica – what?

Mmmm….time for a yummy latte! ^^ And I still have to go look at that skybox…


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