New hunt gifts @ EVOLVE

I went to visit my friend Shawna today at the  EVOLVE mainstore, because she works as a model there. She showed me some cool hunt gifts, so I thought I would share them with you 🙂

I forgot what outfit came with what hunt gift, so I guess you will have to get them all to find out where I got these hot outfits from 😉

This first outfit is called Black Friday. I love how simple this outfit is, plus you know how much I like my short dresses ^^ It comes with a scarf to accent the dress. I decided to keep accessories simple by adding some earrings from Finesmith called Ayelet (silver-brown).

I love this hair from Lollipopz – I have had it in my inventory for a while, and had forgotten about it until recently (which is why we should all go through our inventory every so often). It’s called Glam, in black. And of course, every girl should treat themselves to a French manicure every now and then!

The next outfit I have for you is called Peace. I especially liked the cream color of this dress – it’s something you don’t see every day. However, it was a bit confusing because there are 2 sets of trains that come with this dress, which I think I may have mixed up a bit as I looked at these photos. It still looks good though 🙂

I love how this train flows, and the trim on this dress is lovely. The flower bead earrings are also from Finesmith, and the hair is from Tukinowaguma – Ellen.

That’s all from me today! Hope you enjoyed ^^


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