Creating Shadows in Photoshop


As some of you may remember, my graphic card isn’t the greatest. Actually I think it’s decent, just that in order to enable shadows in SL you have to have a superior graphic card. I was actually peeved that the one that came with my computer last October could not handle shadows. When I tried using shadows in Firestorm…chaos ensued.  My mouse caused the images on my screen to trail, and I could not do anything except to turn off shadows 😦 Then I remembered there was a tutorial on Youtube on how to do this very thing. So look at the video before reading any further.

Go on…I’m not going anywhere.

(oops! Darn PS froze on me and I had to do all my work over!)

Done? Great! That was pretty cool, huh? So let’s see what I was able to do.

Yay? Nay? It’s good for a start until I can get a better graphic card ^^


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