Cleaning out my closet, part 3

I now have over 44k items in my inventory 😦 I know, I know! But after last month’s fashion shows, my inventory just blew up lol. I did maintain under 40k for a good while, though.

Today’s inspiration for cleaning out my inventory came from BAX  Booties. I was trying to figure out what to wear with these shoes that I got from The Dressing Room…

I am glad Bax Coen put them for sale, because I was really undecided about these Appaloosa booties. They seem preppy, and I don’t really do preppy. But then I remembered I had this feathered skirt from Ithaca (courtesy of The Fashion Garret), and this old dress from Hyper Culture (now closed) that I made into a top because the big scultpy sleeves and skirt could not be modified. But these shoes are a nice twist to the standard oxford shoe (which I wore as a kid to Catholic school..hehe.)

I chose to compliment this outfit with some jewelry from MOOD – Parade necklace and a ring to match. I got this in Chocolate because it was different from the standard black or white pearls.

Also in chocolate, I am wearing the Statement Ring from Dark Mouse. When I got the ring, it came with 2 other rings. I wear those more because to me they are more practical for casual wear.

I had a chocolate bar too, but I think I will show those photos in my next post, where I demonstrate how to create shadows in Photoshop ^^.

Styling Credits

Shoes – BAXBooties Appaloosa

Shirt – HC – Thick Woollen Dress (Ash)

Skirt – ::Ithaca:: Black Feather Skirt (can’t find the store, but creator is Cattiva Vita)
Rings – Dark Mouse Statement Ring – Chocolates & ::MOOD:: Parade Ring (Chocolate)
Necklace – ::MOOD::Parade Necklace (Chocolate)
PantyhoseNo.9 Nylons–  Cuban Heel Pantyhose III *coca* 20den
Lipstick – Pink Fuel Elly <Maple> – Glam Lipstick – (Vamp)
HairTRUTH –  Clara (Upper) – cocoa

Nails Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French Pink
EarringsZaara – Anjami Chandelier earrings *gold*


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