Party Time!

JB and I had our first major party on Sunday to celebrate Thanksgiving. This was the invite we sent out to everyone:

At first people showed up one at a time. That was good, because we got to spend some quality time with them. One friend who I hadn’t seen in a while had fun as me and JB danced for him. Then, we had fun jet-skiing around the sim with another friend…until we got stuck going around a curve ^^. One of JB’s friends took us on a tour of her own house, which was fine because no one else was at the house at that time. In between guests, we went looking at some land – we are looking for a bigger parcel, but not sure what to get. Maybe I will talk about that another time.

I think the party really started when my friend Bunny came over. She DJs in SL, and she was telling us about how she was recently engaged (yay!) and how maybe I could be her fashion consultant for her wedding. All of sudden this person tps in right between me and Bunny. JB and I at first thought it was one of her friends, but she had said it was not. So then I start asking her (I think we all asked) how did she know about the party, for she said she was here to party.

  Kit Astermann: You look good Monica
 Monica Querrien: thank you 🙂
  Kit Astermann: You really want to spend the whole evening here?
 Monica Querrien: hun im busy all the time…im never at home hehe
 Monica Querrien: tok the day off to relax and party 🙂
Monica Querrien: took*
  Kit Astermann: This is not home?
  Monica Querrien: yes this is where me and my best friend jb live
  Kit Astermann: So, you three girls dancing here like that is your idea of a good time?
  Monica Querrien: yes because i love dancing
 Kit Astermann: Dancing with 2 other girls that is
 Monica Querrien: whoever
  Monica Querrien: so how did you find out about this place
  Monica Querrien: were you somewhere else on the sim
 Kit Astermann: I heard it from the grape wine
  Monica Querrien: hmm doubt it
 Kit Astermann: Does it matter?
  Monica Querrien: cause no one got a lm or coordinates
  Kit Astermann: I guess I did 🙂
  Monica Querrien: in a way yes because even though today is open house I would like to know how people find out about the party if neither hostess invited them 🙂
  Kit Astermann: Right … this party should have some boubdaries

So, soon after she leaves, saying how the party was boring. Um…I think she was pretty boring for her not to like dancing and talking during a social event (can you tell I was pretty peeved that I still did not know where she came from? lol). I have some theories as to who it could be – I do not think that was a random event. Bunny said it’s not a party until someone crashes it…very true!

Anyways, Bunny brought her fiance and a couple of people…and a friend of mine came. I told Ellie she made good use of the plank platform (not just used for modeling anymore ^^)

I was very pleased with the turnout, considering that the majority of people did not know until the actual day of the party. JB said next time we can give them more notice. I find it that sometimes if you tell them too far ahead of time, they tend to forget.


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