More Black Friday Goodies

I have some goodies from theWarehouse sale on Black Friday (weekend). You have to be a member of the group to gain access to the sim, but it’s worth it. I had gotten a lot of items last summer (2010), so this was just to see did I miss out on anything.

Today’s main piece is called Milla Milla  in Aufren Black by {Gisaci}. You can never have too many black items in your wardrobe, for you can use accessories to accent other colors.

For instance, I have on a belt by R.icielli called MARGOT in black, and shoes from N-core (old group gift).

Armidi makes the best sunglasses. Last time I got the Fi Umo sunglasses in Black Tortoise with black lenses. Every time I wear them and I am out and about, I get compliments. So this time I decided to get a few more pair that I wasn’t able to get in the last sale. These are Dark Tortoise with black lenses.

This pair is White Tortoise with blue lenses, which i thought was a nice contrast. I am also wearing a Water Healing Koi Bangle (left arm) and a Glitz bangle combo (right arm). I was talking witha  friend the other day and she spoke about the importance of stocking up on classic items. When I said Armidi had a lot of classic items, she agreed. How many stores that you can name that has basic items that can stand the test of time for years after they have been designed?

Okay – that’s all from me for now ^^ See you soon!


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