BOOM! Guess who stepped in the room?

BOOM has had a great sale for Black Friday and this weekend – 60% off items on Friday, 40% off on Saturday, and 25% off today. I went early Saturday, hoping that they didn’t change their prices yet. They had indeed, but I still managed to snag a few items ^^

Let me just finish drinking my wine first…

This is one of my favorite places at home – siting out on the patio, relaxing with a glass of wine. Ahh….

On second thought, I guess I can talk about what I have on first while drinking, right? This is BOOM’s Boyfriend Tee in lipstick. I love these because they are good when you need to go somewhere in a hurry, but can’t be bothered with adjusting prims and the like.  I have a brown one from Sassy, and a purple one from Shush.

Also, Pink Fuel has a awesome Black Friday Sale this weekend on their Elly skin – you get two makeups for only 450L, and they have a ton (and I mean a ton) of lipsticks that go with it. I’m currently wearing  Glam Lipstick/Teeth – (Vamp).

(Note: I was supposed to make this post wearing the new skin, but it looks like I have my regular skin from Al Vulo on…oops.)

The hair that I have on is from Truth – Clara in chocolate. It comes with its own hair base, so you know I had to switch to a viewer that supports multiple tattoo layers ^^ I am starting to use Firestorm more because I got used to the layout finally.

This outfit is from BOOM as well – Park Life Hoodie and sweatpants, both in Teal. You know, if I didn’t understand how one color can look totally different depending on what material (well texture) you use, I would be greatly disappointed in that how hard it was to find matching colors. I am not sure whether they were supposed to go together or not, but hey, they were next to each other when I bought them 🙂 And it looks great – I love wearing sweatpants and hoodies when I’m in a dress down kinda mood.

I was looking for more casual tanks I could use for layers or something to go underneath my jackets, and it needed to be a neutral color, too. So this Everyday Tank in Sand works perfectly.

This outfit was quite popular in the summer – A Day on the Yacht. To complete the look, I have the Ahoy Sailor Cap, Deck Shoes (not shown) and Lynx Skinny Belt.

This is what the Pink Fuel Elly skin looks like for those who really wanted to see it. Doesn’t it look hot? And you can kinda see why I thought I had it on first…hehe.


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