A Very Happy SL Thanksgiving

I remember someone once told me that my blog should have a fashion theme, and not be an all-purpose blog if I want people to read it. But then again, I have had others thanking me for introducing me to new things and places that they did not know previously.  So, let’s play catch up, shall we?

Remember the house fiasco several months back where a third of my house disappeared? I finally got tired and re-rezzed the house, so all is what it should be again. Then I locked the building so I wouldn’t accidentally re-texture it or take it up unless I really want to.

JB and I were talking about having a Thanksgiving party…I think it will be on Sunday. Open house, everyone is welcome to come by. I told you we would have parties…just…took us almost a year to do it 😡

So there it is – our table.  ARIA ‘s Salvador dining room set. It has a ton of stuff besides chairs and the table – 128 prims worth. It’s really nice. I’ve been looking at this dining room set since February because it has a nice elegant feel to it. Yes – beach houses can have elegant furniture :p

The turkey was a gift from KK Food – gives everyone plates with a turkey dinner on it…mmmmm. The silverware is from KK as well – All-in-One Table Setting. It has breakfast,lunch,dinner,dessert, and appetizer menus. The glass of water is part of it too, and can dispense a number of drinks.

Oh no 😦 I wanted to take a picture of Snowflake wearing his cute hat and collar from KittyCatS, but he seems to be missing. Time to write to support…


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