Kim K @ Meghindo’s

I remember when I first went to visit Meghindo’s.  I was amazed on how big the store was (it had several floors!), and how I got turned around and lost track of where I had been. After I finished looking, I thought to myself, “If only I had more groups…”. I made myself a landmark and promised to stop by now and then. Soon after my initial visit, Linden Labs was gracious enough to up the group limit from 25 to 42 ^^. Sure enough, Megs was  one of the first stores I joined.

Why do I like Meghindo’s? A picture speaks 1000 words, so I think I will show you the latest group gift – Kim K.

Now, I’m going to say that there was a lot more to this outfit than what I am currently showing. In addition to the pants, jacket, shirt, belt, earrings, and gloves that you see here – it also came with a a floppy hat (remember how much I love hats ^^), shoes, and a black fur collar.  Very Kim K, don’t you think? The shoes I chose to wear with this ensemble are N-Core’s Cherie  shoes, because I got them at the sale that they have right now…hehe. Better hurry though – it ends soon.

The main reason I like this store is because I think the designer does a good job brings the real life glitz and glam into SL. Love diva clothing? Want that red carpet look? I’m sure somewhere this place has it.

Why else do I like Meghindo’s? The group is awesome – people actually talk there, and it’s not heavily moderated like other groups. For instance, I was in a group where someone was actually making a rule for people not to just say “hi” in group chat, but to say what they needed. I understand that it may be more efficient to do so, but maybe they would feel weird if they didn’t say hello first…that it may seem rude to just abruptly interrupt a conversation without greeting the group.


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