[sYs] meets GizzA

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been away for a bit – I have been really busy in world. Let’s see now…

* 4 photo contests
* 1 fashion show
* 1 video casting
* helping to remodel the Erotique Designs store
* running a photo contest for said store
* shopping (well no, that’s a given so it doesn’t count)

So…forgive me? 🙂

Okay! Back to what’s hot, sexy, and new in the fashion world!

Today I am wearing [sYs] SUNNY skin, a free gift available to Modavia group members. [sYs] totally rocks when it comes to cyber fashion, and I doubt there is anyone who comes close. I was wondering how I would wear this skin until I received a notecard from Fan Limited announcing their 6th edition lineup.

The outfit that I am wearing is the Denim Corset Dress Light Blue from **GizzA**. This number is a steal at Fan Limited for only 150L because there are several ways to wear it. I chose to wear the see through black shirt and bra with the denim corset.

SUNNY comes with bright yellow lipstick and eyeshadow, and a beauty mark under the left eye.

I was in the mood to dance after seeing myself in this outfit, so I decided to look on youtube for some “mood” music.

Styling Credits

Hair – Vanity Hair: Salonika blond
Lashes –[[Mozz]] Tattoo Layer Eyelashes – 09
Eyes – Exodi Zbilja v2.0 – Deep Aquamarine
Nails – Ibizarre Nail polish dark blue
Skin –[sYs] SUNNY skin
Earrings – U&R Dogs du verre Pierced Earrings Gold
Outfit – **GizzA** Denim Corset Dress Light Blue
Purse – *katat0nik* (yellow#1) Kattypop Purse ( got from a gatcha machine a while back so not sure if it is at the store)
Boots – **SD** Gun Slinger Boots


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