Cleaning out my closet

I have over 35,000 items in my inventory now. That is not cool…if something were to go missing I probably wouldn’t even know right away. Besides, I want my inventory to load up quicker when I clear my cache. Oh right…I should do that …but first, let me delete some things.

What I like to do when I go shopping is collect demos of items that I like. Then, if they go on sale (or I get the money to buy the item), I can just look to see if I have something I want from their store. I saved a bunch when I did that for the [e] hair Secret Sale several weeks back ^^ However, once I buy the items I sometimes forget to delete the demo version.

Oh, wow. I just tried to delete my trash, and I crashed. How many things was I trying to delete?

Hmm…is 540 objects a lot to delete at once?

If there was a demo contest, I would SO win.

Styling Credits

Skin: LAQ – Susan (Mocha 04)
Hair: Exile – Azalea (chestnut)
Dress: Lo*momo – airy dress (old group gift)
Shoes:[Gos] Posh Bootie (Autumn Trio)


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