May I take your order?

Hmm…I doubt anyone would take me seriously with my long hair and shades, huh? I found out that the Love Soul sim had these cool drinks in their food section, so I had to check them out. I’m a total foodie, btw.

I was disappointed that it wasn’t a scripted food – you know, the type that does the eating/drinking animation and then detaches after a time? Still cute though. Another really good place  that has non-scripted food is at poche. They have a nice sampling of FREE food, and I absolutely love their kitchen.

I was interested in buying it for a short while, and even translated the creator’s blog from Japanese to English to see if the person sold it anywhere. Alas, they do not. You would think I would learn my lesson after what happened with our kitchen at home, right?

Hmm…I think one of the reasons why stuff like this excites me is because when I first started SL, I was invited to a New Year’s party. At the event they had fireworks, New Year favors, and a nice buffet. So ever since I have been on the lookout for good food and drinks. Here are some of my favorite places:

1.  Kitchen Kreations – this is probably my number one place to go when I need food and beverages for a party. Just to show you how good this place is, when the blood punch bowl stopped working for Storm (one of my friends), David not only gave her a new one, but gave her a sign for the store that gives everyone that clicks it milk and cookies. Since she co-runs a beach club with Scotty, that comes in quite handy.

2. Kitchen Korner – I always get this place confused with Kitchen Kreations. I am not sure if they ever worked together, or it’s just me being silly cause they both have the KK association.  Their groups are called Kitchen Phone, though. They have a lucky chair and a MM Board, and even though it’s smaller than KK, you get a nice range of different foods.

3. CAS – I forgot when I found out about this place…but this is like the mecca of food. This place is HUGE, so give yourself some time to rez. This place probably has everything you can think of, plus they have tables for purchase where you can sit down with someone and enjoy a meal. The only thing that I don’t like is that they do not have nearly as many demos of their products like KK does. I like to see the quality of the food before buying it. But Casandra’s drinks are total win – if you are into alcoholic beverages, RUN to this place.

These are places that sell food; however, there are a lot of creators who make furniture that also give scripted food. All yummy…mmm.


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