Second Island

After looking at this hat on the fashion feed, I decided to go over to Brasil to check it out. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the whole place was a freebie store!

I love how Second Island is set up because it’s not a room full of boxes-they have it set up just like your average SL clothing shop. They have a decent selection of clothing, shoes, shapes, and beachwear. I decided to get a few things (reminiscing on my newbie days where I would shop to my heart’s content and not spend one Linden…hehe), and look what I put together !

And guess who I spotted shopping?

You bet – Snoopy and Woodstock. Now you KNOW this is the place to go, even if you aren’t a newbie to SL. So let’s go go go!

Styling Credits

Skin: :F: Clara
Hair: Damselfly – Pya
Shades: KR Sunglasses mod3 Dark (SI)
Bangles: Armidi
Top: NL – Leather Corpet (SI)
Bottom: NL-Mini skirt – grey jeans (I am just wearing the pants part cause the skirt prim was a bit :/ ) (SI)
Shoes: [BC] sculpted shoe BLACK (SI)
Toenail Polish: alaskametro


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