The Case of the Invisible Table

Well, I am not sure what could had possibly caused this phenomenon:

How is it that I can stand in the air? An invisible object, you say? But how invisible is it?

1. It cannot be seen when you highlight transparent objects
2. It cannot be found under the objects tab under the About Land menu.

Then what is it?

It’s my table from Michigan’s Shack – Country Style Dining Classic. Now don’t get me wrong – I am in no way blaming them for anything. As a matter of fact, I’m their best 60L Weekend customer ^^ But I noticed over the weekend that the table was having a a hard time rezzing (huge ugly brown/black sphere in the area where I’m standing – almost like it was pushed into the cabinet partially). I just figure it was me and never went down to check on it.

Then Tuesday evening, I find that the table had vanished, yet I could still walk on top of it.

Just so I could rule out it was me and/or my viewer, I had my 2 friends Scotty and JB check for me:

Here’s another thing. If you try to sit  by right clicking on the “table”, you would get the floor and the message “unable to find a suitable spot” or however that goes. BUT…when I told them try to force ground sit in the advanced menu, we were all able to sit on the invisible object. How neat is that! All I have to say is, I’m glad that I stil have a copy of this table in my inventory (haven’t tried rezzing it yet due to the major asset server issues SL is having today).

So on Wednesday, I do what any resourceful homeowner would do…tell the sim owner to restart the sim so that the prim can go away. All done right?

SL ate my house ;( I have 3 levels and it goes through my room all the way down to the kitchen. Scotty told me he watched the house disappear and my cats fell to the ground. JB’s room is the only room that’s fully intact atm ffs, so I moved the cats in there.

Called the office again and they said they would put in a ticket. So on Thursday morning I get a note saying that the Lindens determined that the cause was from JB’s kitchen counter (where the table had fused itself somehow). The recommendation was to remove the counter, then rez it somewhere else to see if the issue still occurred. So JB did so, and it was still there. Luckily, the kitchen is copy, so she was able to get a fresh copy with no phantom table (shudders).

So today…Friday….I get to rez my house again and scavenge for house parts! ^^ Trying to put it back exactly to where it was before proved to be another ordeal in itself. Finally me and JB managed a satisfactory “paste”. But next time I’ll just rez the damned house again! 😀


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