Being Fearless

Edit: Finally was able to finish this post! It’s like 2 weeks old ^^


In life, everyone at one time has had reason to pause and think about whether or not something will go their way.

Will this idea work?
Do they really like me?
Am I sure this is the right way to go?

And I imagine the same thing holds up in Second Life as well, since it has many aspects of our first lives.

Lately, I’ve been hit with feelings of self-doubt. I can even pinpoint it to when these feelings got to be a bit overwhelming. I was talking to someone regarding a project that I wanted to get done, and I could feel the waves of insecurity and doubt emanating from them. In one sentence he would say one thing, and the next one he would apologize and take it back by saying “I don’t know.”  Unable to give constructive feedback, the conversation soon ended and left me in shambles emotionally. I even felt guilty for asking him because according to him, his own life wasn’t looking the greatest at that moment. Now, I consider myself patient and reasonable. But now I really do believe that certain people can drain you, even if it’s just one interaction.

In my line of work (modeling, retail, and management), I make a lot of decisions, contacts, and of course get my own share of rejections. I feel that you really have to know what you (or your ideas) are worth, and then stick to your guns, for there are too many people out there that are ready to take advantage of you. Or, it could be that they do not have all of the details at hand, yet try to make decisions based on them (which unfortunately affects your well-being). You really do have to be fearless in your second life – I mean that’s the point, isn’t it? To do (positive) things that you wouldn’t be able to do in your first life?

I remember I was in a chat room, and someone had asked whether she would be able to apply to a job as a store model event though she was not certified as a model (there is no such thing as a “certified” model, by the way). Then someone said, (paraphrasing here) “How much experience does it take to stand on a pose stand?” First of all, I could relate to the model who asked that question. If you are not familiar with the industry, you would think you have to be of a certain stature/level to get any sort of modeling job, so I really felt for her when she asked her question.

Secondly, the person who made that snide comment in a group filled with designers, models, and other people in the fashion industry took a big risk. She did backpeddle when someone pointed out that being a store model requires some skill (e.g. adjusting prims to present the clothing nicely, accessorizing). But this just shows you how some people are, and that you have to be able to rise above situations like that so you can do what is needed. I messaged the girl and told her to go ahead and apply – the worst that can happen is that you don’t get the position…but at least you will gain knowledge of what designers are looking for in their staff. She agreed, and thanked me for my input.

What would you do in your Second Life, if you could not fail?


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