Welcome to Trixa

When I first started SL, I remembered a place called Trixa. What amazed me about this place was that all other things being equal, the price to join their group was 600L. Now, to a new person who is lucky to have 10L to their name, 600L to pay for a group membership to a club was unfathomable to me. But at the same time, it was very alluring. What did they have that most clubs did not? At a very early age I learned that people WILL pay for a club, but only if it was worth the price.

I decided to do a search to see if the place still existed. I didn’t really expect it to, because I have seen so many places come and go. When I saw it in search, I took a friend with me, and we explored a little bit.

“Welcome to Trixa Beach one of the most exclusive romantic resorts in SL where nudity is allowed- Gather around with your friends to dance or just to kick back and relax.
Here you can windsurf in the waters or jetskidrive, scuba rentals, swim and highdive. Explore the Island in the air by hangglider or the human cannonball. Take a romantic horseback ride with your date on the island to finaly stop and discover the secluded hot cuddleareas. Trixa Beach offers over 100 single dances & the latest couple dances or try out the exotic dancepoles and burlesque danceball for more advanced dances.

I love water sports, so a place like this would certainly be appealing to me.

“Members have exclusive privileges and can use all stuff we have out on the sim like clay shooting area, zombie killing area, sandbox area to rezz & build, fishing and a Car racetrack 1/4 sim big. Members have acces to our separated Adult side of the Island we call Lovers Island. So join our group and you will have acces to all this extra. Over 100 1st class multi menu furnitures and many secluded areas for private moments.

One time membership fee is 800 L$ to join one of the most exclusive groups in SL. Do you think it´s pricy? Then you dont know what 1st class means.”

Clay shooting? I’ve never done that before – sounds interesting. I did see a clubhouse across the beach from where I was; I figured that was pretty much the private area. They also have land, skyboxes, and even a private island for rent. I have a love/hate reaction to the last line. Yes, I think 800L is a bit pricey for a club membership, but I do believe I know what first class in SL means when it comes to resorts. However, I think it’s great that they allow the community to help chip in for sim and equipment costs. If they have to ante up, maybe they won’t act as disrespectfully. And, it is noted that no one has been banned from their place (when I checked, anyway).

One of the rules for this place made me stop and think.

Children/Child/Teens avatars are NOT allowed in the Sim. This is not open to discussion. A Child avatar is one that can be reasonably seen, by their look, as younger than their late teen-age years by a combination of clothing and avatar style. Chat style and profile content can also contribute to this image.
If you are told your avatar looks too young to be in the Sim, we will NOT argue the point. This includes the wearing of Prim-Babies too. We do not want this kind of roleplay on Trixa Beach. You will either place another style of avatar on, leave the SIM or risk to be banned along with any accompanying avatars.”

I wonder…if they ban prim babies ( I assume in keeping with their no children allowed), would they ban pregnant women (especially ones with talking tummies) as well?

For the person who doesn’t really have time or have the desire to explore SL and find different places to do all of these activities, Trixa would be great. Also, this would be good for those who love the feeling of exclusivity, or believe that the more you pay, the better quality you will get.


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