Deleting, unchecking, and plain old ignoring

I wanted to go to the Culture Shock event, but since it took like 20 mins for all the buildings to rez, followed by me getting logged off and my account not available for 5 minutes, I figured I would go another day 🙂 It was only 25 people on the sim, and according to my lag meter it said the sim was experiencing too heavy of a load.

Right now I want to talk about our friends in SL (the friends’ list in particular), because due to recent events, I am getting a bit annoyed.

1. Deleting

Well, this one is not entirely my friends’ fault. SL has been mean in deleting people from friends’ lists. I wondered why I hadn’t seen one of my friends on for a while, so I went to check. He wasn’t on my friends list, and I was like oh boy. Because I wasn’t sure if it was intentional or not, when I messaged him I tried to keep it neutral, but I probably sounded annoyed. Luckily, he added me back while explaining how SL deleted his groups. That happened a lot when SL came out with v2 – everyone complaining how inventory and friends list were missing (Edit: He’s on V2 :P) . I still stay away from V2 because of that :/

Some people delete all of their friends under the assumption that if the person was really a friend, they would get added back. That has happened to me a few times – one guy in particular was an absolute drama queen and when I got deleted a 3rd time, I didn’t even bother to IM him.

When I was forced to leave SL for 50 days, I came back to find that some people had deleted me from their list without saying, “Hey- where have you been?” in IM. Since I get offline IMs (and at the time I didn’t know I could log into SL to chat via the web…I think…or is it just by phone?), the only way I could talk to them is if they messaged me first. So when I found out who was missing, I messaged them and explained what happened. Everyone who I wanted to keep added me back, and things have been okay since. But geez, there are people who if you don’t talk to them every day, or once a week, they delete you. With all my different contacts, I don’t have the luxury to be that picky 🙂

2. Unchecking

What do I mean by that? Well, if you don’t want people to see you while you are online, you have the option to uncheck the box that allows them to see you online. It’s kinda the way MSN works. Lol…had that done to me too on MSN, and I didn’t know until my bf at the time told me the guy was online for him…boo. He got a mouthful from me about that too – I don’t care for people who would rather hide than talk to me about issues they have with me.

Now, I get why people uncheck friends from their list…I really do. I have unchecked a friend on occasion because

a. they were sending too many TPs and I was afraid I would accidentally accept and leave the sim I was in (while I was at a meeting or event)
b. They were annoying the heck out of me, and I needed to give them a time out before I deleted them altogether.
c. Last August when I got really upset, I unchecked everyone except my roommates (and then wasn’t able to check them back until mid October…lol).

But when I haven’t seen you on for a while, and I download Phoenix (for modeling, not for looking this up :p ) and find you have me unchecked, what would you have me to think? I asked one “friend” and she said sometimes she likes to have peace and quiet. Now, I haven’t seen her on for about a month…how much sense does that make? Any time when I need some relaxation time, and my friends message me, I just let them know I’m relaxing watching tv,or listening to music, or reading the fashion feed….anything so that they know I’m not in the mood for heavy interaction at the moment. My best friend JB said anyone who unchecks her is automatically deleted from her list, because if they are really your friends, they shouldn’t want/have to hide from you. And I’m inclined to agree. Which makes some of my discovery regarding who has unchecked me kinda hard to take in.

3. Ignoring

I don’t know if this is titled correctly. What I mean by ignoring is… for example.  You are talking with someone, and all of a sudden they say “Oh – my bf/husband came on – talk to you later.” Now like…this isn’t like we were on the phone, and said people came through the door (in real life). I think they can finish up the conversation without abruptly cutting themselves off. I know not to bother some of my friends when certain people come on, or I can tell when those people are on, because when I talk to them, the conversation stops suddenly and they answer much later (and yes, they are still at the keyboard 😀 ) But even that is annoying. The only time I have been known to do that is when I’m doing a task where I need to be focused in SL (e.g modeling). Even when I’m working online like I am now, I can still tell when someone from SL talks, because the viewer lights up.

Wow, how many times did I say “annoying” today?  Someone has issues…

Styling Credits

Hair: Truth – Francesca Streaked – ivory
Skin: :F: Clara (TFG)
Makeup: L.Fauna – Pinkberry
Eyes: Exodi
Nails: Prim nails – Candy Nail Birth Stone Pearl June; Glove – Ibizarre French
Jewelry: Earrings and Necklace – Alienbear BijouxOr Design (Gold Silvester set white); Bangles – Armidi 14 carrot gold
Outfit: Alessandra Oriental Halter top Pearl & Ripped open side oriental jeans – blue washed
Boots: Bax Ankle Boot White Leather
Purse: (CS) Hobo bag – glitterati (Celestial Studios is closing,so hurry and get stuff for 25L ^^)
Location: SL Botanical Gardens


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