Graduation @ ~*CAPA*~

Today I graduated from CAPA’s Modeling Academy. Not all my friends were able to get into the sim (wonder why it maxed out so quick  – am used to 50 people being the max), but it was okay.  Scotty, in his first filming debut, managed to catch some snags of the ceremony 😀

Too bad he couldn’t get the whole thing, but he said the 4 min clip was about 18 MB. But he was excited too.  think the clip is pretty good for it being his first recording. You too can learn how to film in SL at CAPA – join the group today and sign up for the class.

(…we bring you back to our regularly scheduled program…)

We also had a Top Student Award. According to Angel…
” The top student award will be given 300L, plus a gift card from Finesmith Designs., Worth 300l clothes from Monroe’s Boutique, 3 photos from Glom’s Photography…”

Now that’s hot. Congrats to Xia Firethorn for winning that awesome gift package! She really is a sweetie 🙂

If I sound like I’m all over the place, it’s because
1. I am INCREDIBLY HAPPY that I was able to do something like this
2. Going to rehearsal all week at the same time every day was a new experience for me. I have ran single day events, and even hosted some events at nightclubs, but learning something new like this for 2 hrs or so a day makes me tuckered out haha.

One of the models asked me was I going to cast at MA Modeling Agency.  That would be fun, but I have so much stuff to do that I put on the back burner this week for the graduation. I can totally see how people can get bitten by the modeling bug – after you graduate from a school you feel like you can conquer anything. The same probably holds for doing a fashion show as well – I’ll let you know after I do one.

For now…it’s onward and upward….


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