Going to the Gym

I was supposed to blog like several posts by now, but I have been sooooo busy! I’m graduating from CAPA on Saturday @ 7 am, and rehearsals are every day. This is my instructor’s blog here 😀 Yay Angeltatz!

Yesterday I was really feeling burned out, because I had wanted to get my poses and outfits ready for class, but over the weekend I got hit with so much other stuff, it was unreal. I really need to learn how to not take on so much at once. I think it was because for the longest nothing much was happening, so then I was like, “Sure, I can do that!” about 10 times until it all came crashing down on me…haha. I’ll be okay, though.

So okay…what does this have to do with going to the gym? In class yesterday we learned basically how to walk straight, no matter what the platform we were walking on. We were given something called “”The Plank” and a “donut”.

The plank is that blue and red platform, and the donut we got in class is over by the rocks. Scotty liked it so much that he made a smaller one and we set it up over at his place…lol. He and JB did pretty good for never have walked something like this before. I think it’s because we all like driving cars and other vehicles that have to steer. Scotty found the donut harder than the plank; I was the opposite. JB just walked like she’d been doing runways all her SL life….lol.

So, this is what I have set up in my place. This is from Model’s Workshop gym – it’s no joke.

When I walked it this morning I kept falling into the water at the curved point until I realized that the curve was past the boundary lines….duh 😦

Not much of a style card for this post… just a long tee from paper.doll and hair from LoQ 🙂 I just woke up…give me a few lol.


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