Home Sweet Home

I’m rarely at home nowadays…seems like I’m always off doing this or that. For instance, I just came back from my Silverlight Academy modeling class at CAPA. They have a casting for models at kizARMA, this week, and I’m nervously excited…if that makes sense. But for now…

…MY KITTIES! When I first found about about KittyCatS, I was all over it. I was just sorry that I didn’t find out about it sooner so I could be a beta tester. I have always loved cats; I think it’s cause when I was little, we had 2 cats (at different times). I think one we were cat-sitting, and one cause we took in a stray for a few days. My mom told me later that the owner of the cat we were watching was neglecting him, so when he went back to his owner, he got out of the house and got hit by a car 😦  She said the cat was probably trying to find his way back to us. I don’t remember too much about that cat though – think I was too little.

I remember the stray cat that we had, though. We used to feed it cheese – think like a slice of American cheese – from time to time. I am not sure why we took the cat in, but in the middle of the night me and my mom was in bed (yes, I was young then too – used to have bad nightmares :x), when I felt the cat jump on the bed. Then he (or she – never knew lol) was going to get up, and I petted it. He did not move until the next day when we were getting up….I thought that was so cool at the time. Come to think of it, we had a lot of stray cats in the area in those days.

So yeah…my 3 cats – Diamond (black fur), Snowflake (gray fur – love it!), and Samantha Amber (red fur).  I have 2 kittens boxed because I want to see what sort of kitties Diamond and Snowflake make together before doing anything with them. At first my experience was great with Diamond (the oldest at 73 days and counting) . I used to take her everywhere as she rode on my shoulder, then carried her in my arms. I got positive comments from people, including a store owner who showed me her kittens 🙂 Then I got hit with the glitch where every time I would detach her, she would disappear. I wasn’t sure what was going on, because that never happened to me before (when items disappear below the root inventory folder). This happened a couple of times before the KittyCatS reps told us to drop, rather than detach, our cats.

Come on Snowflake…can you find me out here? I know you can…

Oh yesssss you did find me! 😀 Yay ^^ Such a good kitty cat 🙂

Hmm…I guess I can tell you what I’m wearing and stuff, right? Why not!

Styling Credits

Eyes: Exodi – Zbilja
Nails: Glove- Ibizarre pale fuchia; Prim – Candy Nail Jwelry Snow
Skin: Filthy Skins – Clara (from TFG)
Makeup: L.Fauna
Hair: [e] Lasting
Jewelry: Apple May designs – B&W
Skirt: HC – High Waist Skirt (no longer available)
Shirt: Indyra Originals – Urban Agenda blouse (last year’s Dark Katz gift; not sure if it’s still around)
Update: When I went to the sale I saw the blouse as part of an outfit for 400L. They didn’t have pink, though.
Shoes: N-Core  – SENSE XtremeHeel (current group gift – run!)

Cat bed and purple dishes: estetica
Black dish: KittyCatS ( I thought it came in sets of 3 – silly me haha)
Collars: All from KittyCatS; Diamond has a yellow canary diamond one (duh lol), Snowflake has on black studded leather, and I have to get Amber one.
Rug: Sunshower Lane (she is a really sweet person – once bought a stove from her and had problems rezzing it and she came to my place to help set it up ^^)


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