Easter Sunday

I’ve been meaning to do a blog of my own for ages now. However, since I am in charge of the blog for Erotique Designs, that delayed my progress somewhat. But now I realize that I have way too many things on my mind that I want to be able to express. That and I love taking pictures of outfits that I wear, friends who I am with, and places that I travel .

There are so many sales and hunts right now because of the holiday. The hat I am wearing came from Chop Zuey – a present for this time of year. Joining Belle’s group during the Christmas holidays was probably one of the best groups that I could have joined. Chop Zuey also has a hunt right now, actually. Ever since I heard yula Finesmith talk about the importance of accessorizing your outfits, I am even more careful of how I match my jewelery to my outfits. And of course, that I indeed have on jewelry…hehe.

I have been wearing these Bare Katherine Gold Diamante shoes from Stiletto Moody for a few days now. Right now SM is having their Look of the Day sales where select shoes are marked 75% off, which is where I got the gold shoes. I have a few pairs (including  the Katherine Black Python), but never wore them too much because I would always have problems teleporting when I would wear them. But these look great.

[e] has their Secret Sale through today. It was funny, because when I went to the store, I went to the Lasting hair. I was about to get the demo to try it on, when I said to myself “Okay…let’s see what I have from her so far.” So come to find out that I had already had the demo in my inventory! I love it- I go to stores to try hair on, and if I like it but don’t feel like buying it right then, just take the demo with you. That’s not the first time that has happened, actually. It saves me a lot of wandering time (don’t worry, I still wander) when I have an idea of what I want already.

I should really take a class in photography or something, because there are some really nice photos out there. I feel like I am getting better, though. I tried playing with shadows one day but that didn’t work out too well. I was using Imprudence (my main viewer). Next time I use Kirsten’s Viewer I should look into that . Even though I can’t tolerate the v2 interface, I got it because 1. eventually we will all be using v2 so it’s good to get used to it 2. Kirsten’s takes the best photos and I use them for photo contests…when I’m not being lazy lol.

Styling Credits

Hat: Chop Zuey
Hair: [e]
Eyes: Exodi – Zbija v2
Makeup: L.Fauna – Pinkberry
Nails: Glove – Ibizzare French; Prim – Candy Nail Japanese Soul
Dress: PurpleMoon – Sunshine
Earrings: Chop Zuey – Gracious are the Times
Necklace: Chop Zuey – Gracious are the Times
Bracelets: Arimidi – Snakeskin Bangle
Shoes: Stiletto Moody
Poses: Glitterati, Manifeste


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