Costa Rica: WIN!!!

If you have never been to Costa Rica in SL, you are greatly missing out. With over 70 sims, the landscape and architecture are some of the best that I have seen in SL. Remind me to take some pictures to put on here next time I go ^^

So…what brought me here on this day? I got an invite from the Costa Rica Sims subscribo:

Costa Rica Sims Influentials Fashion Party
“Reggae” theme
WHEN: Sunday , April 24, 2011
WHO: DJ MikeeGemini
WHERE: Influentials Lounge
Attire: reggae wear
This month join us in honoring Eboni Khani, owner & designer of HUCCI a well-established brand and Icon in Second Life since 2005. Eboni, Costa Rica Sims resident thats contributed to the SL world of fashion in a special way.

I have gotten a few notices before, but Costa Rica + Eboni Khan = WIN! So I decided to stop by, and brought some of my friends with me.

I had asked one of the Costa Rican officials would it be ok to take pictures (some people are very particular about that). I got permission, so yay ^^. I’m the one in red, wearing one of Eboni’s designs – Gold Rain Romper. My friend had just finished smoking up the place (hey, it was a rasta party…hehe) when someone complimented my outfit and asked me to dance. DJ Mikee sure is one amusing DJ indeed – played good tunes and plenty of commentary to keep everyone on their toes.

By the way, I am a HUGE fan of drinks that disappear after so long. And this party didn’t disappoint – had a variety of drinks that did just that. I had a Blue Ibiza, and an Appletini. I also got a Cadbury eggnog with Captain Morgan, but didn’t drink it during the party (yes the drinks and the weed had me buzzed enough ).

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