What’s on Sale in Second Life?

Hey guys – in my other post I mentioned that Soonsiki was having a hair sale.



I’m not sure when it will end, so you better head over there!


Clawtooth is also having a hair sale that ends on the 25th – 50% off all hairstyles.


To celebrate Warm Clarity-Jupiter’s rez day and Beatrice Serendipity’s birthday, ghee’s VIP group is free to join through Sunday, November 16th. ghee VIP members receive an exclusive gift every month, advance information about sales and special offers, and other rewards. In addition, ghee currently has an Autumn Leaves hunt that ends on November 30th.




And last, but definitely not least, Luna Jubilee is celebrating her rez day by having a 30% off sale on her poses at !bang.

MadPea Continued



Hey guys! I have been doing MadPea’s “Blood Letters” game for the past several days. I would like to share my progress with you all. For more information on what Blood Letters is all about, you can check out my previous post here:

Even though I did not show the locations of the fortune cookies, they are at every location (even though some are tricky to find!). You can check out the MadPea website for a list of prizes.

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Graphic photos after the cut…


MadPea – Blood Letters

Hey guys! I have found another game to play, called Blood Letters. This is the first time I have played a game from MadPea, but apparently they have been putting on these games for a while. There was a lot of buzz around this game because it is 400L to get the HUD required to play the game.

One of the issues that I immediately saw was, suppose if someone is banned from one of the stores in the game? Rule number 10 states:

MadPea is not responsible if you are or get yourself banned
from a store/region and are not able to complete the hunt.

Please check the list of the participating stores before beginning
to make sure this is not an issue.

This is the list of vendors, with links to their main stores (according to search):

Abiss Design

Blue Balls / Animated Living

Cheeky Pea


[Cynful] Clothing & Co + CnS e-motions

Deadpool Fashion

Deluxe Body Factory

Dutchie (I’m assuming adult store)


GlamRus Poses


Laudanum Lollipops (wasn’t in search – had to look on profile)

Lilith’s Den


Maxi Gossamer

MiChIGaN’s ShAcK


Never Totally Dead…

RACK Poses

Razor ///

R3VOLT (same sim as the starting point)


Warm Animations

[we're CLOSED]

X-Clusives Animations

Make sure you check before you start! I do think 400L is a lot to pay upfront, so it’s definitely not a free game. However, with 25 prizes given out during the game, and an additional 25 prizes when you have completed it comes out to be less than 10L per prize. Luckily for me, someone was generous enough to pay for my HUD, with the condition that I blog about Blood Letters :D Thank you!

 blood-letters_001Vendor to buy the HUD

So, the first thing I did was to go to the CheckMate Inc office and pay the vendor above. The HUD will ask permission for it to teleport you. It’s a bit spammy if you don’t accept the dialogue right away. And then you go inside and start clicking various objects – I managed to get a computer that way ^^. Then finally you will see some notes hanging on a string (you can make it out in the background of the picture), and that is where your game begins. You have to go in order of the days, or else the HUD will tell you:

[09:16:57] Blood Letters HUD v1.0: You are ahead of the game, retrace your steps back.

Now I will show you some sneak peaks of the game, just so you know what is in store. Once again, I don’t think any of these are true spoilers, more like teasers,  for you would have to play the game in order to understand what they mean.

Graphic items under the if you don’t like that stuff, stop now.


Pulse Games – Don’t Panic!

I knew I shouldn’t have touched the Ouija board…

Hey guys! Yesterday I went to Pulse Games’ DON’T PANIC!, which is their 8th Annual Halloween Survival Horror Game. I don’t know why, but this year I am really into looking for Halloween activities to do.

I looked at LTD’s Top picks for Halloween and visited NIGHTMARE AT THE PARK. It was cool – not as interactive as Havenhallow, though.  But back to DON’T PANIC!. The game runs from October 17th to November 17th, 2014.

Taken from the main website:

The Carver Home has hosted a series of deaths and disappearances going back to it’s groundbreaking and neighbors swear the home gets larger even as it molders in ruin. Murders and suicides and rumors have decorated the grand home’s history and now that it has been abandoned, YOU and your team of Paranormal Investigators have come to unveil it’s secrets. Once inside, whatever you do…DON’T PANIC!

I always like it when there is a walk-through on how to win games, especially video games. Even if I know how it will end, I want to experience it for myself. That goes for movies and books too. Unfortunately, most people do not feel the same way as I do, and apparently it ruins the whole experience if someone blurts the ending. So what I will do is just show you a few photos that I took while in the house, and then show you a couple of links that I used to help me along the way (none of them are what I would consider to be spoilers, but they do show you images from inside. The video gives you an idea on what you are supposed to do).

panic_001Where everyone first starts off – look for the rats to get prizes

panic_002Is that a ghost?

panic_004Look for clues everywhere, including that red circle

panic_005Ghosts dancing in what looks like an old ballroom

I think the trickiest part is finding out the keypad combination for part 1 (that’s what I call it anyway – you will see why when you go). I had to make my HUD bigger in order to see how to input the numbers. One of my favorite parts is the room with the piano – I had figured out how to play the piano, then realized that they told you how to look for the correct keys (buy hey, those piano lessons came in handy! ^^ ).

Sammie1154 gives a nice visual rundown of how the game looks like as you progress. Also, if you want to see what part one looks like, check out Sir John’s youtube series on it. There are three parts (so far!).

What was I wearing, you ask? Well, since I didn’t know what to expect, I had to leave my heels home :(

Styling Credits

Headset: part of the game package
Skin: -Glam Affair - Kallisto – Jamaica 04 G
Hair: +Spellbound+ Warrior // Brunettes
Jacket: R.icielli - MEGAN Mesh Hoodie Jacket
Sweater: ghee - Fog Ribbed Knit Turtleneck
Leggings: ghee - Fog Ribbed Knit Leggings


Happy Halloween!

Untitled-1Witch hat: ghee - Witches Hat Halloween Gift
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Betty Mesh Hair – Cinnamon
Skin: -Glam Affair – Kallisto – Jamaica 04 G
Necklace: Chop Zuey – Eeewy Goooey EyeBall Necklace (group gift)
Bracelet: ~Tantalum~ Love Hand Bracelet
Sweater: ghee - Conker Turtleneck (part of Autumn Hunt )
Skirt: ghee - Pumpkin Skirt (part of Autumn Hunt)
Tights: ghee - Noir Tights
Shoes: Ingenue :: Charlotte Flats (Slink Add-On) :: Pumpkin (50 L today!)

Hey! I just went trick o’ treating at Havenhollow! It’s an interactive sim from Holiday Appreciation Association Events (or HAA Events).

We encourage you to visit door to door for some good ol’ fashioned Trick-or-Treating. Be patient and knock extra hard! Sometimes the neighbors might not hear you the first time, but we’re fairly certain you’ll get a kick out of the tricks and treats up their sleeves! After you’re done Trick-or-Treating, the fun doesn’t end! Search for the secret entrance to part 2, which will lead you to a terrifying experience you’ll never forget.

Here are a few photos from the event:


What are those white things?

havenhollow_002Hmm…maybe it’s time to get up out of bed…

havenhollow_004Haunted cafeteria….and you say the exit is where that floating table is…

havenhollow_005More beds? But they scare me…

havenhollow_006Is this really the exit? Or am I in Hell?

For the first set of photos I had to change the windlight so you can see the details better. It’s a lot darker than that outside. The rest of the photos are using the region windlight, just had to brighten it to the max so you could make out some details. Again – very dark.