Style Card

Flowery Perfume

Hey everyone! I have lots to share with you today…where to begin?

I’ll talk about something that I don’t normally focus on in my blog posts – using windlight/environmental settings to adjust your lighting in Second Life. You can use windlight to better illuminate your photos, or if you want to create a certain mood. For instance, if you want to take photos of a haunted house, you may want to use darker lighting vs a bright cheery one. Some bloggers choose to use mainly one windlight setting for photos, which gives their photos a distinctive, recognizable look. I’m not that kind of blogger – when you blog indoors, outdoors, casual, formal, fantasy, kinda photos, I think one windlight does not do your photos justice.

In SL Blogger Support, there was a blogger named Criistinaa Chau  who wanted opinions on how she was doing on her blog. Someone asked her what windlight did she use, and she said that she used Juicybomb’s settings. I wasn’t sure how I missed these – maybe because when Gogo put out this blog post I wasn’t really thinking about that yet during my blogging journey. The windlight that I am using is Gogo Hearts SL. I felt like it went well with the outfit that I have on today. One thing that Gogo said about windlights was this:

“A lot of people don’t know this, but the direction that your avatar faces matters when using a Windlight Setting made by someone else. When I am on a pose stand, my avatar is always facing SOUTH, and the blank prim background is behind me.”

I always suspected this, but after seeing how this photo came out…the proof is in the pudding (or photo).

Gizza is a store that I am very fond of, but yet I don’t find myself shopping there as often as I would like. Why? This is what happens – I get the note card from the group about their new releases. I get excited, but at the same time I’m still reading group notices, blogs, Facebook, and Seraphim SL. Because there are so many events lately, each with at least 10 stores that I’m clicking through Seraphim’s gallery to see what they have, Gizza gets lost in the shuffle. Until the next new release from them that is, and then the cycle happens again. Well, I put an end to that today :) This is one of Gizza’s latest releases – Flowery Perfume. I like how there are several colors, changeable by a HUD.

Today is the last day for the elikatira hair sale – all single hair pack colors are only 99L. I got some cute hairs from there. I appreciate the sale lasting until I had recovered from last month’s Hair Fair ^^

Okay – that’s all from me! Until next time, happy shopping!
Styling Credits

Hair: [e] Odette
Skin: Glam Affair – Coral – Jamaica – Lotus
Outfit (including shades): Gizza - Flowery Perfume
Scarf: .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl scarf  red
Lipstick: MOCK Cosmetics – Innocente in Sange
Face and chest glitter: Deetalez
Pose: Corpus


Come Inside


Yup – this is actually my room :) I tried to get a lighting that shows that it’s dreary-looking outside, and my room is warm and inviting. Did it work? :D

What inspired this look today is this chemise dress that I have on from ghee. It’s currently at the Black Fashion Fair,which ends on the 22nd. Now, I don’t know if you can see it or not, but this has a small dot pattern (hence called poppy dot). I don’t mind it not being as obvious because this is my vision for my blog post. But if this was a vendor photo, I may want to reconsider my vision. I’ll tell you a story on that (yes, I feel like a storyteller lately ^^).

When I used to be manager of a clothing store a few years back, the owner was struggling with making quality vendor photos. It really sucked because our clothing were of similar quality to other stores, it was just our delivery was lacking. She couldn’t take good photos, and I was just starting to take decent ones but I had so many other responsibilities that I couldn’t take pictures. So we would hire bloggers to take photos – I think it was like 50L a photo or something. It paid off in sales and even got noticed by an event owner.

One day, we got a complaint from the event organizer because the black pants in the vendor picture looked blue. I looked at the photo, and I said hmm you can tell the whole photo has a blue tint to it. So I color corrected the photo (added red) so that the pants would look black. Then she and I got into an argument because whereas I saw off-black, she saw dark blue. I showed her color swatches in off-black and dark blue online and she said no – they were dark blue and blue. She even called her friend in and her friend said the first vendor picture looked like dark blue pants and the second photo looked like off black pants. So as you see, you don’t want your customers to second guess the shade that you used in your clothing.

So, back to my look. The hair is from Exile, called Letters and lipstick, is from Collabor88. I had to use the Letmein HUD, because it’s been over a week and C88 is always full when I try to go there normally. I know the creator of that hud is rolling in some lindens now lol.  They do have a lot of nice things there at C88 – I may blog some of them later. The shoes are from L. Warwick, called Cordelia. The shoes are currently at SLink West.

Stay tuned for more – until then, happy shopping!


Styling Card (additional items)

Skin: Glam Affair
Jewelry: Chop Zuey
Pose: Olive Juice

We Love Ulaa!

Today is the last day to visit the <3 Ulaa event to help raise money so that she can visit her terminally ill mom. To date, $1580 out of $2500 has been raised to help her reach her goal. Now, I know some people are highly suspicious of these fundraisers, because either 1. people lie and 2. people should do for themselves. I personally like to do for others the same as I would want for them to do for me. Also, never give or do more than what you can afford to give or do. That way, if the first scenario does occur, you haven’t lost much…if at all because your heart was in the right place.

I’ll share a brief story with you guys. My friend’s husband in real life lost his mom not too long ago. I believe she had cancer. My friend wanted to raise money for him to go see his mom before she passed away – problem was, his mom was in a different country. Long story short, her husband was not able to raise the money in time before his mom passed away. I think everyone should be able to see their parents whenever they want, and it’s a shame that money is a factor when doing such.

The two items that I have for <3 Ulaa are the Discord Designs Iona  and Enfant Terrible Ulaa shoes. Cajsa has a nice close up of the shoes on her blog post.

The dress that I am wearing is from ghee – the Regal dress to celebrate the new satellite store at Regal Estate . The good thing is that this dress is only 10 L! ^^

Shopping is fun, and shopping for a cause is even more fun, so be sure to stop by today to the <3 Ulaa fundraiser.


Styling Card (Additional items) 

Skin: Glam Affair - Coral – Jamaica – Lotus
Jewelry: Chop Zuey Gloriana (purple), Tan
Makeup: Blacklace Beauty Rainbow Kisses lipstick, eyeshadow & eye jewels
Pose: Manifeste

On the Road Again


Hey guys! I have to admit that I have felt pretty burned out and uninspired this past week. Don’t get me wrong – uninspired doesn’t mean that I haven’t liked any of the wonderful things that are out on the grid. More like…too much of a good thing is not such a good thing. There are so many events, sales, and new releases lately that it’s hard to keep up. And in cases like Collabor88 this month, near impossible to get in.


Enchantment – August Round

***I am not a happy camper. I was 90% finished with this post (just had to finish adding credits), and I was typing “Manifeste” for the poses that I used. Somehow it overwrote everything that I had (pictures, text, etc) and then WordPress AUTOSAVES it. So instead of an awesome blog post, I had “nifeste” instead. All that work gone..*sobs*

  Fatima by -Pixicat-


 Another round of Enchantment is underway! I am wearing one of the prizes offered in this round – the Fatima dress by Pixicat. In case you are not familiar with how Enchantment works, every participating store will offer an item for sale as part of the event. The theme this round is Bluebeard, so if you are not familiar with who Bluebeard was, you can learn more about him on the Enchantment website. Now, every item has a card that needs to be stamped. By visiting all of the participating stores to stamp your card via the kiosk, you then will be told the location of where the prizes are. If you want to see what the prizes look like, you can look on the Enchantment page.


Hair: Emo-tions – Josy
Shirt and earrings: Indyra Originals – Philosophy Tank (sand) & Ear cuffs
Shorts: loveme - cotton candy shorts ( lemon pie)

This round the prizes are located on a watery sim, compared to the garden area as it was last round.


Nails: Bella Elephante – Lock and Key
Hair: [LCKY] Rene – DIPPP Pack
La Malvada Mujer – Bi
 mock cosmetics- Starlet Curiousity Makeover
Poses: Manifeste


 The nails from Bella Elephante are one of many items that you can buy for the Enchantment event. You need the Slink hands in order to use the HUD that comes in the package.

I just want to say that the shorts from the previous photo, as well as the hair in this one are from stores that I have recently discovered. The loveme store has some cute items in there, and lcky is having an 80% off sale on all of their hair! i liked the soft colors on the shorts, and the bold colors and hair at lcky.